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Pom Moms and Friends

Pom Moms & Friends Sleep Toy Dog

Pom Moms & Friends Sleep Toy Dog

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Introducing the Pom Moms & Friends Plush Puppy Pal with Heartbeat – the perfect companion for young puppies to cuddle up with and feel like they're snuggled next to their mom! 🐾

Crafted with love and care, our plush puppy pal mimics the comforting heartbeat of a mother dog, providing a soothing and reassuring presence for your little furry friend. Made from ultra-soft materials, this plush toy is perfect for young puppies who may be feeling anxious or lonely during their first nights away from their littermates.

With its gentle heartbeat rhythm, our plush puppy pal creates a sense of security and warmth, helping to ease separation anxiety and promote relaxation for your pet. Whether your puppy is settling into their new home or simply needs some extra comfort during naptime, this cuddly companion is sure to become their new best friend.

At Pom Moms & Friends, we understand the importance of nurturing and bonding with your pet from the very beginning. That's why we've created this plush puppy pal to help young puppies feel safe and loved, even when their mom is not around.

Give your furry friend the comfort they crave with the Pom Moms & Friends Plush Puppy Pal with Heartbeat – because every puppy deserves to feel like they're snuggled up with their mom, no matter where they are! 🐶💕


Product information

Product category: Chew toys
Weight: 248g
Specifications: Reassuring dog (including heartbeat)
Name: Pet plush toy
Material: high quality plush, PP cotton, built-in heartbeat
Size: 20*35*18cm


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