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Dog Sniffing Ball Plush Toy

Dog Sniffing Ball Plush Toy

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Product information:

Material: fleece
Weight: 15cm 80g, 20cm 180g
Specification: 15cm, 20cm


1. The main fabric of the sniffer ball is environment-friendly fleece, soft and skin friendly, environment-friendly and easy to clean, which supports machine washing
2. The olfactory bulb is an upgraded version of the traditional olfactory pad, making it more difficult for dogs to get food Therefore, when dogs smell the ball for the first time, they should put the food on the edge of the ball where it is easy to find. When dogs already know that there is food hidden in the ball, they can put the food in the ball to moderately increase the difficulty of the dog's foraging.
3. The olfactory bulb is made of many folded circles and has many deep food hiding mouths. The owner can hide the food between the folds of the fabric to encourage your pet to smell them.
4. It is more difficult to find food. Dogs look for the root of food according to smell and play with balls while eating

Packing list:

1ᅲ sniff ball

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